Cruz N Gourmet was started by Daric and Kathy Wallace, and our two daughters Milana and Allysia, in early April 2011.

  • We moved to Santa Cruz, CA, in 2008 from the Fiji Islands where we built and ran an eco-resort for 10 years.

    We have spent the last 17 years travelling, cooking and eating our way around the world.

    With our new custom built gourmet catering truck we are bringing gourmet world/comfort food to the streets of Santa Cruz, CA, and beyond.

    Culinary Credentials:

    1.  Love of all things FOOD

    2.  Graduate of the Western Culinary Institue, April 1994

    3.  Worked around in different ethnic restaurants

    4.  Catering Business

    5.  Owner/Operator of an eco resort in Fiji

    6.  Owner of restaurant in Fiji

    7.  Cook Book - work in progress

    8.  Cruz N Gourmet

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